Trip computer

Trip computer

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The car's trip computer records and calculates vales such as e.g. distance, fuel consumption and average speed whilst driving.

P3-15w46- S60 Overview trip meter

The information from the trip computer can be shown in the combined instrument panel's information display.

Trip meter

The trip computer has two trip meters and one odometer for the total mileage.


Average fuel consumption is calculated from the last resetting.


There may be a slight deviation if a fuel-driven heater* has been used.

Average speed

The average speed is calculated for the driving distance driven since the last reset to zero.


The information for current fuel consumption is updated continuously - approximately once per second. When the car is driven at low speed the consumption is shown per time unit - at a higher speed it is shown related to mileage.

Different units (km/miles) can be selected for the display - see section "Change unit".

Range - distance to empty tank

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The trip computer shows the approximate distance that can be driven with the fuel quantity remaining in the tank.

No guaranteed range remains when the heading Distance to empty shows "----".

  • In which case, refuel as soon as possible.

The calculation is based on the average fuel consumption over the last 30 km and the remaining driveable fuel quantity.

Distance to empty battery

No guaranteed range remains when the display shows "---- km to empty battery". The display shows the approximate distance that can be driven with the energy quantity remaining in the hybrid battery.

The calculation is based on the average consumption of normally loaded vehicle, during normal driving and taking into account whether the air conditioning (AC) is switched on or off.


There may be a slight deviation if the driving style has been changed.

An economic driving style generally results in a longer driving distance. For more information on how energy consumption can be influenced, see Volvo Car Corporation's Environmental Philosophy.

Mileage for electric operation

In order to achieve the longest possible mileage for electric operation, the driver of an electric car also has to think about energy conservation. The more consumers there are (stereo, electric heating in windows/mirrors/seats, very cold air from the climate control system, etc.) that are active - the shorter the potential mileage.


In addition to high current take-off in the passenger compartment, sudden acceleration and braking, high speed, heavy loads, low outside temperature and uphill gradients also reduce the possible driving distance.

Digital speed display in another unit

Only certain markets.

If the main instrument is graduated in mph, the equivalent digital speed is shown as km/h.

Change unit

Distance and fuel unit can be changed in the menu system MY CAR, see MY CAR.


In addition to in the trip computer, these units are also changed in Volvo's navigation system*.

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