Itinerary and route

Navigation* - importing/exporting stored locations

עודכן 7/23/2018

Import and/or export stored routes and locations.

For the import of POIs, the file format must be .gpx.

Connect the USB memory in the tunnel console's storage compartment.

P3-1420-NAV Meny Inställn Imp-Exp-2

In the normal view for the navigation source, press OK/MENU and select SettingsImport/export stored locations.

Select what should be imported or exported.


  • Adding POI files to the map database requires a certain amount of computer knowledge!
  • File format for POI files and how the files are downloaded from the Internet are determined by the respective manufacturer/distributor. Consequently there is no standardised process for downloading POI files from the Internet - and for this reason this owner's manual does not show an exact step-by-step description.
  • If you have any questions - contact a Volvo dealer.

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