Lamp replacement - rear lamp

עודכן 7/23/2018

Bulbs for rear direction indicators, rear fog lamp and reversing lamp are replaced from inside the cargo area.

Lamp housing, rear

P3-1246-V60H Replacing bulbs, rear

The bulbs for reversing lamp, fog lamp and direction indicator in the rear lamp cluster are replaced from inside the cargo area.

P3-1246-V60H-location of TSS

The lamps are accessible when emergency puncture repair kit is lifted out.

Open the panel.

Lift the emergency puncture repair kit.

Remove the insulation that is fitted in front of the bulb holder by pulling it straight out.

Press down the catch and pull out the bulb holder.

Remove the blown bulb by pressing it in and turning anticlockwise.

Fit a new bulb, press down and turn clockwise.

Press down the catch when the bulb holder is refitted.

Refit the insulation, emergency puncture repair kit and panel.

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