Seatbelt - putting on

עודכן 7/23/2018

Heavy braking can have serious consequences if the seatbelts are not used. Ensure that all passengers are using their seatbelts during the journey.

Put on the seatbelt before driving starts.

Pull the belt out slowly and secure it by pressing its locking tab into the seatbelt buckle. A loud "click" indicates that the belt has locked.

P3-1020-S60 V60 Correct seat belt position in front seat

Correctly fitted seatbelt.

P3-1020 S60 V60 Incorrect seat belt position in front seat

Incorrectly fitted seatbelt. The belt must rest on the shoulder.

P3-1020-S60 V60 Seat belt height adjustment

Seatbelt height adjustment. Press the button and move the belt vertically. Position the belt as high as possible without it chafing against your throat.

The buckles only fit the intended lock in the rear seatCertain markets..


The seatbelt locks and cannot be withdrawn:

  • if it is pulled out too quickly
  • during braking and acceleration
  • if the car leans heavily.

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