XC Swede

Volvo is offering a rich dose of Swedish flair with its all new second generation XC60. XC60 is quite city-friendly as it is not a large imposing SUV - DNA, Feb 2018

SUV For The Tech Savvy

The XC60 is the second among the company’s three SUVs in the country—the othertwo being the XC40 and XC90. And it packs in enough technology to amaze anyone who puts tech first when buying a car. - Mint, Aug 2019

Nordic Revolution

Volvo's new XC60 is all the mid-size luxury SUV you'll need - HT Brunch, April 2018

Underdog no more

What really stands out is the XC60's ride. The engine is vocal outside but inside the cabin this could pass off for a petrol. In normal condition, there is barely any noise that enters the cabin save for some road noise. - The Times of India, June 2019

Swedish Surprise

The new Volvo XC60 D5 Inscription is a luxurious overhaul that feels like a treat - Business Standard, Feb 2018

An oasis of luxury

The XC60 transports you from one place to another in resplendent luxury - Motoring World, April 2019

Swedish muscle

High on safety, the XC60 shows off its Swedish Muscle by way of design, interior comfort and performance. - Exhibit, March 2019