Concept Coupe

The Concept Coupe is the first of a series of three concept cars, all in individual ways representing the next generation of Volvo models, starting with the All-New XC90 in 2014.

Driver position in Volvo Concept Coupe
Exquisitely Detailed

Daring proportions, exquisite craftsmanship, and innovative technology shaped around the human driving experience.

Inspired by the past

Merging contemporary Swedish lifestyle and design with iconic elements from Volvo’s 1960s era.

Grey Volvo Concept Coupe driving through cobbled city street
Grey Volvo Concept Coupe driving at speed
Grey Volvo Concept Coupe seen from rear in historic city environment
A woman standing beside a Volvo Concept Estate silhouetted by sunset
The embodiment of Swedish creativity

The concept that redefined the estate car for a new generation, blending classic Volvo details with bold, contemporary lines and the simplicity of Scandinavian design.

Volvo XC Coupe concept car parked beside curved wall
Inspired by high-tech athletic equipment

Sophisticated capability for a new generation of adventure. Inspired by modern high tech sports equipment, with progressive design and a versatile interior.