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Volvo XC90

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From ₹ 88,90,000*

Volvo XC90

From ₹ 88,90,000*

Volvo XC90

Other Cars
A Volvo XC90 standing still

For life.

The SUV you trust to protect your family, now protects their future.









*Specifications, features and colours shown here may not be part of standard equipment. Accessories and features may change from model to model. Colours may not match due to printing limitations. Shot outside India with a left-hand drive car. The model, equipment, and possible vehicle configurations illustrated in this advertisement may not be offered in India.

A Volvo XC90 from above where you can see the panoramic roof
A Volvo XC90 from above
A Volvo XC90 drives on a bridge

Design your life. Be in control every mile of the journey, with intuitive comfort and convenience features.

Inside a Volvo XC90 with 3 rows, blonde interior on seats

Room for all

Even a shared space deserves personal space. Our roomy and comfortable seating options for up to 7 occupants are designed for journeys best shared.

Open skies

An open-and-tilt panoramic roof lets you instantly enjoy the air and view outdoors. Open skies at your fingertips.

Take your seat

Exceptionally fine nappa leather adds even more attention to detail for a luxuriously soft and relaxed feel for everyone.

Assisted safety

Assisted safety

Intelligent driver assist technology can detect and help you avoid a collision with other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and large animals – day or night.*

Using automatic steering assistance, this system helps you avoid collisions with oncoming vehicles. If you drift across the lane markings in the way of an oncoming vehicle, your car can alert you and gently help steer you back into the correct path.

If you’re about to cross a lane marking unintentionally, the Lane Keeping Aid can gently help steer your car back into its lane. If this is not enough or you keep steering across the lane markings, you’ll be alerted with vibrations in the steering wheel.

* Vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists moving in the same direction of the car can be detected under certain speeds and in certain conditions. Detection systems are dependent on objects being illuminated and require the vehicle’s front and rear lights to be working when it is dark. Driver remains responsible for safe driving at all times. ** Driver support functions are not a substitute for the driver’s attention and judgment. Cross traffic alert may have limited functionality in certain situations. Brake intervention is only active at lower speeds.

Always on your side. Advanced technology in your XC90 SUV helps connect your drive to personalised comfort and mobility.

A Volvo XC90 follows a curve along with the water
A brown-haired man sits in a Volvo XC90 and gets the sun in his face
Bowers & Wilkins speakers inside a Volvo XC90
A Volvo XC90 follows a curve along with the water

A helping hand

Driver assist with curve speed adaption tweaks your cruising speed automatically for greater comfort and accuracy in virtually any traffic condition.

A brown-haired man sits in a Volvo XC90 and gets the sun in his face

Improve every breath

We care for the environment both outside and inside the car. Advanced filtration technology works as part of our world-first air quality system to help make the air you breathe in the cabin clean.

Bowers & Wilkins speakers inside a Volvo XC90

Pitch perfect

Perfectly positioned Bowers & Wilkins speakers bring a sound quality so pristinely clear it feels like front row seats at a symphony – no matter where you sit.

THE NEW VOLVO XC90. Drive the future.

Volvo Contactless Program

Safety. Now safely delivered.

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all styles, engine options and regions.

*Above mentioned prices are Ex-Showroom Prices. Subject to change