The Volvo S60 Cross Country

Stands out, goes further

The car that takes you to the adventure – on any road, in any weather.

Adventure with Style

Sedan with Attitude

Combining the sleek lines of our Volvo S60 sedan with the rugged looks of an all-road, all-weather car, the S60 Cross Country makes you stand out. We’ve also given you extra ground clearance, so that you are always ready for adventure. The S60 Cross Country has an imposing and muscular presence, one that enhances the feeling of a bold and capable sedan.

Advanced Handling

True Cross-Country Harmony

A heightened sense of control, with increased ground clearance and sturdy construction to give you the confidence to push the limits.

Torque vectoring and corner traction control enhance the sporty driving experience. With new Cross Country wheels and high profile tires that add comfort and protection.


The race for perfection

In this article, we visit the Volvo Ocean Race Boatyard in Lisbon, Portugal. Here, we meet the team of experts responsible for repairing and re-fitting the entire fleet of Volvo Ocean 65 boats that will compete in the 2017-18 edition of the Volvo Ocean Race. We describe each team member’s individual area of expertise and show how the team works together to ensure that each boat is repaired identically, on time and to the highest possible standard. Their expertise in different areas represents the same level of competence you find at a Volvo workshop. We also meet Swedish sailor Martin Strömberg, who won the 2011-12 edition of the race, to find out what a great service programme gives him as a sailor.


A life at sea

In this article we meet Swedish sailor, Martin Strömberg. Martin is now one of Sweden’s most experienced sailors. He has now competed in the Volvo Ocean Race three times and won it once. We describe how Martin first became interested in the Volvo Ocean Race, his drive to compete in the race and how he came to triumph. We also provide an overview of his sailing career so far, his unique approach to putting racing teams together and what the future holds for this modern Swedish pioneer.


The race to the horizon

The fascinating background and history of the Volvo Ocean Race have turned it into one of the best-known and toughest endurance races in the sporting calendar. For four and a half decades, participants have challenging themselves and each other as they sail its course. In this article, we will trace the race back to its beginning - and beyond, looking at the developments that shaped modern sea travel and made it possible in the first place. We trace the history of the race all the way back to the opening of the Panama and Suez canals, and then how - decades later - Robin Knox-Johnson became the first man to sail single-handedly round the planet. We then describe the foundation of the race in the 70s, and the developments that turned it into the event we know today - with its cutting-edge boats, teams of world champion sailors and non-stop coverage.

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