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  1. Volvo V70 Classic

    Learn more about the first-generation Volvo V70 and XC70 at Volvo Cars. We have full details, including technical specifications and model history..

  2. Volvo 343

    Cars 1976 - 1990 343 When the Volvo 343 was presented in the winter of 1976, it was the first totally new car from the Dutch company Volvo Car BV. The Volvo 343 entered a very important segment for the European markets - the compact segment.The Volvo 343 was a 3-door hatchback and the large...

  3. Volvo PV60

    The Volvo PV60 was the last of the large six-cylinder passenger cars from Volvo with a traditional side-valve engine. Read more about it here..

  4. Volvo PV653-9

    Comfortable, quiet and rugged cars for everyday use. Comfortable, quiet and rugged cars for everyday use. Read more here..

  5. Volvo 480

    Volvo Cars has the definitive guide to the Volvo 480ES, including technical specifications of this classic coupe of the 1980s and 90s..

  6. Volvo PV4

    Learn more about the Volvo PV4 at Volvo Cars. Learn more about the Volvo PV4 at Volvo Cars..

  7. Volvo PV544

    Cars 1958 - 1965 PV544 In August 1958, the Volvo PV544, a more modern version of the PV444, was introduced.Technical SpecificationsModel: PV 544Variants: Special I, II and Sport (mainly called)PV 544 APV 544 BPV 544 CPV 544 DPV 544 EPV 544 FPV 544 GProduced: 1958 - 1965Volume: 243990Body: 2...

  8. Volvo PV831

    The Volvo PV831 was an updated version of the classic taxis in the 800 series.Learn more about the PV831 and our other classic car models at Volvo Cars..

  9. Volvo PV445

    From 1949 to 1953, the PV445 formed the base for small lorries, vans, estate cars and a few beautiful drophead-coupé convertible) cars.This became legendary, and is the ancestor of today's exclusive, comfortable, safe and powerful Volvo estate cars. From 1949 to 1953, the PV445 ...

  10. Volvo 740 Sedan

    Cars 1984 - 1992 740 SEDAN The highly successful Volvo 760 GLE was developed and expanded to give birth to the Volvo 740 GLE in 1984. This new Volvo model was a 4-cylinder alternative to the 760.The Volvo 740 estate car owed its immense success primarily to factors such as its sheer reliabi...