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  1. Volvo V70 Classic

    Learn more about the first-generation Volvo V70 and XC70 at Volvo Cars. We have full details, including technical specifications and model history..

  2. Volvo PV831

    The Volvo PV831 was an updated version of the classic taxis in the 800 series.Learn more about the PV831 and our other classic car models at Volvo Cars..

  3. Volvo 260

    The new strategy for badging the cars in model year 1983 gave us the 260 instead of the 265.Read more about this classic Volvo Estate..

  4. Volvo PV651

    Discover more about the Volvo PV651 at Volvo Cars, including the history and technical specifications of this classic Volvo saloon and convertible model..

  5. Volvo C70 Coupe

    Learn more about the Volvo C70 Coupe at Volvo Cars. Full technical specs and model history for this Volvo coupe, which was built between 1996 and 2002..

  6. Volvo 360 Sedan

    As a more economical version than the 360 saloon, the 340 series was also produced in 4-door saloon shape (79,964 cars of this 340 version being made). The Volvo 360 originated in the 340 models, and was powered by a 4-cylinder 2-litre engine.. The new car was better equipped, and the "360" d...

  7. Volvo 760 Estate

    With the 760 estate, introduced in early 1985, Volvo introduced what was virtually the finest estate car in the world. Read more here.

  8. Volvo PV51 - 7

    Find out more about the Volvo PV51-7 at Volvo Cars.View technical specifications and the model history of this classic Volvo saloon..

  9. Volvo Duett

    Volvo Cars has everything you need to know about the Volvo P210 Duett, the classic estate car that is the forerunner of the modern Volvo estate..

  10. Volvo 262

    Learn more at Volvo Cars. It was based on the same 2-door body used for the 242. Learn more at Volvo Cars..