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august 2016

Living with the XC90

For the Glovers, a car is an integral part of the everyday. It’s there to offer a helping hand, whether it’s picking up the grandchildren, carrying the shopping or helping you get away from it all with a drive to the country. We asked the Glovers to try out the new Volvo XC90 to see if it offered everything they believe a car should.

August 2016

Lobster fishing in Sweden

In an age of fast cars, fast food and fast broadband, it’s reassuring that people are still willing to do things the old fashioned way. It may take a little longer but the reward is worth the wait. We travelled to the Swedish town of Grebbestad to try a spot of traditional lobster fishing - the old-fashioned way.

JULY 2016

Connecting with the XC90

For Neo Zambas, a car is a way of connecting with the people he knows and the places he loves. Neo also uses his car to transport himself and his beloved bicycle away from the busy city traffic to the calm of his favourite bike track. We invited Neo to take the new Volvo XC90 for a test drive around his hometown of Chicago. We even let him bring his bike along for the ride.

JULY 2016

Our window to the world

Today, we expect a lot more from our cars. It’s no longer enough to simply help us get from A to B. To meet the demands of the modern world, we need our cars to guide us, reassure us and protect us. So, Volvo Cars has developed a wide range of innovative on-board features and functions that do just that.

JULY 2016


We love our cars. Of course we do. But sometimes we want to take our sense of adventure onto new terrain. Taking a bike along for the ride can add a whole new dimension to a road trip. All you need is a good bicycle holder and an exciting destination. How does Denmark sound? Ok, let’s saddle up!

JUNE 2016

Appreciating the XC90

Andrew Vogel loves cars. And as Vice President of Klairmont 
Kollections, which houses a stunning collection of over 300 highly collectable cars, he has been lucky enough to turn his passion into 
a profession. We asked Andrew to take the new Volvo XC90 for a 
test drive and give us his professional opinion. 
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June 2016

New-generation child seats

For more than fifty years, we’ve been one of the leading authorities when it comes to keeping children safe in cars. Now, we’ve used fifty years of knowledge and expertise to create a new range of child seats that is safe, comfortable and luxurious. It’s time to introduce the new generation.