A Volvo moment: A normal day at the most unusual of dealers
1:00 AM | December 15 2016

A Volvo Moment: A normal day at the most unusual of dealers

Marble floors, welcoming windows with lavish curtains, exotic pot plans and a big, elegant black car. The place is Brunkebergstorg 11 in central Stockholm and the year is 1933. Volvo dealer Automobilfirma Ernst Grauers has put on the show the finest Swedish car money can buy.

Ernst Grauers has been a part of Volvo’s journey from its very beginnings as a car manufacturer. After the Easter weekend in 1927, Stockholmers were able to examine the very first series-produced OV4 outside of the company’s sales premises. Volvo founder Assar Gabrielsson had escorted and driven the car personally from Gothenburg up to Stockholm.

Now, six years later, it is a significantly more advanced car in the show window - the PV654. For the first time, Volvo is able to offer two different versions of the same body. Both the PV653 and the PV654 have smaller wheels than their predecessor, which makes them look more modern. The so-called DB engine is a 3.2 litre, six cylinder, side valve engine. It offers a total of 65 hp.

The luxury PV654 model sets itself apart through its equipment. Any customer opting for this car at Ernst Grauers receives more luxurious fabric upholstery in the interior with a folding armrest in the back seat and assist cords. From the outside, the PV654 distinguishes itself with two spare tyres, double horns and two rear lights.

The PV653/654 was scheduled to launch in the spring of 1933, but only went on sale in the autumn. A total of 361 units of the more expensive PV654 were built while just 230 PV653s were completed during the year that the models were manufactured.

Today, the building in which Automobilfirma Ernst Grauers was based has been demolished and the Brunkebergstorg 11 address is now home to the headquarters of Sveriges Riksbank. However, the Volvo Showroom is just a stone’s throw away in Kungsträdgården.