A Volvo moment: The Little Volvo is analysed
12:00 AM | September 4 2017

A Volvo Moment: The Little Volvo is analysed

The early 1950s are good times for sales of cars. Volvo launches the PV444, its first model to be properly mass produced, but it’s a struggle to keep up with the huge demand. It’s a success.

Perhaps that is why someone realised it might be a good idea to take a photograph of some of the men who helped produce “the Little Volvo” as it was occasionally called in the commercials.

The photograph has been taken on the truck side, even though the car designers and the truck team have different work premises. Is this because the shelves and the Volvo logo make a good backdrop? There are two truck models that don’t really resemble anything that ever evolved, but the third model on the far right is similar to the Volvo Brage truck that came onto the market in 1954.

The gentleman furthest to the left wearing a bow-tie is Erik Skoog. Although he had no formal training in design, Erik helped Helmer Pettersson with the design of the PV444. Erik Skoog has also been attributed with the design of the Duett automobile and his work with Volvo extends all the way to the 850 model for which he provided assistance, as a consultant, with some of the technical calculations.

The eight gentlemen have all removed their jackets and a few have rolled up their shirt sleeves, as if they're raring to get working on the construction of the PV444.

A moment in Volvo’s history.