A vision that has dazzled the world
12:30 AM | December 15 2015

A vision that has dazzled the world

Volvo Cars highlighted its focus on human-centric innovation at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show, where it revealed the groundbreaking Concept 26 design study.
The concept – which demonstrates how a future Volvo car interior could be designed to optimise the benefits of IntelliSafe Autopilot technology – generated a wealth of media reaction. Road and Track described it as “one of the most unconventional car show reveals we’ve ever witnessed”.

Concept 26 has three modes – Drive, Create and Relax – that change the interior layout to allow the driver to make the most of their time whether they are driving or have delegated control to the car. A unique seat cradles the driver during the transition between these modes, while a pop-out table supports work or leisure activities. The passenger side of the dashboard transforms into a 25-inch media screen that the driver can enjoy when the car is driving autonomously.

Autoblog said: “The Concept 26 is proof that Volvo really is serious about this autonomous vehicle stuff… it shows that the company is thinking not only about the technical hurdles of the autonomous car, but how to deliver a satisfying experience to those willing to adopt them.” Motor Trend described it as “the first realistic look at what an automotive interior might look like in the near future”.

Volvo named Concept 26 after the number of minutes that drivers, on average, spend on their commute. Its aim is to make that time more meaningful through smart design and self-driving technology. Digital Trends said Concept 26 “reinvents the cabin to give self-driving commuters more time”, while The Verge described it as “a time machine to get some of that time back for you”.

Concept 26 also introduces a new interpretation of Volvo luxury. Tech Insider said Volvo “wants to give its customers an enhanced experience while being chauffeured around in autonomous vehicles”.

In contrast to some autonomous concept cars, Concept 26 is based on an existing production car platform (Volvo Cars’ Scalable Platform Architecture) and hints at what could be possible in the near future. According to CNET it shows that “a bridge exists between the present and the future of mobility”. BGR said simply: “Volvo’s take on what the car of the future is going to look like is unbelievably cool.”