12:30 AM | November 13 2015

Seeing more with Autopilot

People will be able to truly relax in Volvo Cars’ autonomous vehicles, the company says, because the technology they use is capable of dealing with anything that they encounter. At a seminar held by the Swedish Vehicular Engineering Association, Volvo Cars compared Intellisafe Autopilot with one of the most sophisticated, intelligent creations in history: the human being.

Although people are capable of processing huge amounts of data and imagery on the move, and making complex decisions based on it, IntelliSafe Autopilot can do the same, without fear of distractions or tiredness, Volvo Cars said.

Dr Trent Victor, Senior Technical Leader Crash Avoidance at Volvo Cars Safety Centre, said: “When handing over responsibility to Autopilot drivers can feel totally at ease. Our self-driving technology is there to look after you and make life easier. You can trust the car because it has such enormous capacity to see and sense what is happening and what is about to happen. Like all of our innovations, IntelliSafe Autopilot isn’t technology for its own sake, it’s there to enhance people’s lives.”

Man vs machine driving technology

VISION Stereo vision system for: 360-degree vision through:
Front object detection Six radar transmitters
Left, right or rear object detection 12 ultrasonic sensors
Traffic sign recognition (manual) Multiple-beam laser scanner
Four external cameras
Traffic sign recognition (automatic)
NAVIGATION Sense of direction (variable) Global Navigation Satellite System
Map-reading ability Detailed mapping
In-built knowledge of current traffic regulations
OTHER FEATURES Volume knob finder Wheel speed sensors
Dial finger positioning Accelerometers
Rotation sensor (gyroscope)
PROCESSING One extremely powerful, easily distracted generic processing unit Multiple bespoke processing units