A New approach to Mobility
12:30 AM | February 8 2016

A New approach to Mobility

Introduction of automation in transport systems will make our daily travelling more efficient and sustainable. Self-parking cars will remove the hassle of parking, driverless taxis will offer mobility for everyone and new business models for mobility will seamlessly build your optimal journey. The introduction of automated transport systems, such as self-driving cars, will change mobility in cities.
This was the overall topic during the first “Drive Sweden” Annual General Meeting held at Volvo Cars. Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd, Chairwoman, and Jan Hellåker, Program Director, moderated the meeting to keep focus and flow in the presentations and discussions.

“Drive Sweden” is a Swedish strategic innovation program. It was launched by the Swedish government in 2015 with the aim of maintaining the cutting edge in terms of safety and care for the environment.

Over the coming following years Drive Sweden will initiate and support many new projects that will help to make autonomous driving a reality. Together with the “Drive Me” self-driving car pilot in Gothenburg this initiative will make the daily life simpler for our future customers and make cities more liveable. For more information about Drive Sweden, click here.