The new Volvo XC90
12:30 AM | March 11 2016

BBC News experiences the future with Volvo’s self-driving cars

Volvo Cars’ Drive Me project, which will involve 100 people testing self-driving cars on public roads in Gothenburg, took pride of place on BBC news in a feature about autonomous cars. Highlighting Volvo’s pioneering development of self-driving technology, the story was broadcast across the network, including the World Service and World News.

BBC transport correspondent Richard Westcott experienced the self-driving XC90, finding out how the technology will handle unexpected situations. Erik Coelingh, Volvo Cars’ Senior Technical Leader for Safety and Driver Support Technologies, explained to Westcott what would happen in an emergency. “If something unexpected happens the car will deal with it. We cannot count on the driver to immediately take over,” he said. “The car will be able to detect it and the car will slow down to prevent an accident.” 

Westcott also experienced the freedom that self-driving cars will give to commuters, by watching a film while behind the wheel. Not having to drive will allow commuters to spend their time doing other things, he said.

Starting in 2017 the Drive Me trial, involving 100 ordinary people in and around Gothenburg, will provide information and data that helps turn the developing technology into an everyday reality; it is expected to be the world’s first large-scale public trial of self-driving cars.