Hello Tomorrow Global Summit
9:00 AM | November 6 2016

Leading innovators get a glimpse of future mobility

Follow Volvo Car’s Erik Coelingh to Paris as he addresses one of the most prestigious innovation conferences. As a keynote speaker at Hello Tomorrow, Erik gave audiences a global perspective about the impact that self-driving cars will have in our lives.

Self-driving cars are part of a sustainable future where we care about making the most out of our time and natural resources – while we endeavor to eradicate fatalities caused by motor vehicles.

“Self-driving cars have an enormous potential to redefine cityscapes, and they will activate a shift in lifestyle, not just about personal mobility”, explains Erik. By bringing the discussion about autonomous driving beyond the constraints of the automotive industry, Erik hopes to anticipate a future where drivers are empowered by gaining time and quality of life.

“My audience was definitely thinking a few steps ahead. As leaders used to stimulate technology breakthroughs, they assumed that autonomous cars would be a reality. I could therefore focus the discussion on what happens next, how self-driving cars will impact our lives in practice”, he says.

With self-driving cars promising the luxury of more free time and improved quality of life, it would be easy to ignore the environment where we will be operating these smart vehicles. Growing mega cities, commuters demanding to save time, limitations on the road network… Erik is working on the long-term effects that autonomous driving will have for society as a whole. “This conference was an exciting forum to explain that Volvo Cars has a wider view of the issues – this is about a reality that will change how we organise ourselves.”

Pilot project rolling out in Sweden

Erik gave audiences a sneak peak of the world’s first large scale project for self-driving cars, starting next year in the Gothenburg metropolitan area. Volvo Cars is rolling out the pilot project with up to 100 customers on public roads, with the aim of verifying the technology and gather essential data to help safeguard both vehicle and road users.

The two-day summit held in Paris in October, more than 2,000 technology leaders gathered to build the ways we will eat, work, travel, cure disease and communicate.

Hello Tomorrow’s speakers are international innovation leaders, global decision makers and top-ranking officials, such as New York’s former mayor, businessman and philanthropist Michael Bloomberg or the president of the International Energy Agency Fatih Birol.