Ministers got a ride in a self-driving XC90
12:30 AM | February 29 2016

Ministers got a ride in a self-driving XC90

For the first time ever, someone outside of Volvo Cars has been driven in a self-driving XC90 with functionality from the Drive Me project.

Anna Johansson and Melanie Schultz van Haegen, Ministers of Infrastructure in Sweden and the Netherlands respectively, visited Volvo Cars in Gothenburg last week. They were on site to discuss how the authorities can facilitate the introduction of self-driving cars on public roads. “We had good discussions about how Sweden and EU together with Volvo Cars can co-operate with the legislation around autonomous cars,” says Anders Kärrberg, VP Government Affairs.

After the talks, the ministers were driven from Torslanda to the airport in a XC90 with the same functionality as the cars that will be used in Volvo Cars’ Drive Me project. This was the first time someone outside of the company was driven in such a car. Erik Coelingh, senior technical specialist, was in the car to monitor the drive and answer questions. “They were very impressed by our technology. They asked lots of questions and wanted to understand how to facilitate the roll-out of self-driving cars,” says Erik Coelingh.

During 2017, Volvo Cars' ongoing Drive Me research project will see an extended fleet tested by people outside of Volvo. The autonomous cars will then drive – and be driven by – real customers on the roads of Gothenburg, Sweden. The project strengthens Volvo Cars’ leading position as a leader in autonomous drive technology, building firmly on its foundation of safety. Volvo Cars has a vision that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo by the year 2020, and autonomous cars will be an important factor in reaching that vision.