Volvo and Uber join forces to develop self-driving cars
12:30 AM | August 24 2016

Volvo and Uber join forces to develop self-driving cars

A collaboration between Volvo Cars and Uber to develop the basis of a self-driving car will form an important step in Volvo Cars’ journey towards the introduction of autonomous vehicles.

The joint project will help to create a vehicle, based on the Volvo XC90, that can be used by Volvo and Uber as the basis of a self-driving car. The two firms will work on creating the redundancy – back-up systems that ensure the car will keep operating in the event of any faults – and actuator capabilities required for a self-driving car.

“This is a joint project,” said Marcus Rothoff, Volvo Cars’ Autonomous Driving Programme Director. “It’s a project to develop the base car that will be used for our autonomous cars. The car will have redundant solutions for all the crucial autonomous functions, such as signalling, braking and steering.”

The joint project is an indication of how the future of transport is changing. Although it is just seven years old, Uber has rapidly become an important part of the industry and will continue to shape the way we get around. “The car industry has been pushed forward by firms such as Uber,” said Rothoff. “Either you’re part of this disruption or you’re missing out on the future.”