Volvo to test self-driving cars in UK
12:30 AM | May 2 2016

Volvo Cars announces the largest test of self-driving cars on UK roads

Volvo Cars will begin the UK’s largest test of self-driving cars in 2017, helping to speed up the development of autonomous driving technology that will make journeys safer and more productive, and reduce congestion and pollution.

The trial program in London – will mirror the Drive Me trial in Gothenburg, Sweden, and a similar test program that will take place in China. Participants will be real families, driving cars with autonomous driving capability on real roads.

The test will begin in early 2017 with a limited number of semi-autonomous cars; it will expand in 2018 to include up to 100 cars capable of fully autonomous driving. Data and customer feedback from the trial will be used to help develop self-driving cars that are suited to be used in real life and for real roads.

Improved road safety will be one of the key benefits of self-driving cars. Håkan Samuelsson, Volvo Car Group President and CEO, said: “Autonomous driving represents a leap forward in car safety. The sooner AD cars are on the roads, the sooner lives will start being saved.”

Peter Shaw, chief executive at Thatcham, the UK motor insurers’ research organisation, said: “Research in the US by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) predicts that by 2035, as a result of autonomous and connected cars, crashes will be reduced by 80%.”

Details of Drive Me London will be announced at a seminar on 3 May 2016 hosted by Volvo, entitled “A Future with Autonomous Driving Cars – Implications for the Insurance Industry”. It will bring together representatives from the insurance industry, UK government and the media, and will investigate how autonomous cars that can avoid collisions could transform the car insurance industry.