Car insurance and self-driving cars
12:30 AM | May 3 2016

Volvo Cars to debate the future of car insurance with self-driving cars

Volvo Cars will investigate how self-driving cars that can avoid collisions could transform the car insurance industry at a seminar in London on 3 May 2016.

The event, entitled “A Future with Autonomous Driving Cars – Implications for the Insurance Industry”, will be sponsored By Volvo Cars and Thatcham, the UK motor insurers’ research organisation. It will bring together representatives from the insurance industry, UK government and the media.

Keynote speakers will be Håkan Samuelsson, Volvo Car Group President and CEO, and James Dalton, Director of General Insurance Policy at the Association of British Insurers.

Issues to be discussed will include the financial implications of self-driving cars to insurance companies. Anders Eugensson, Director, Government Affairs at Volvo Cars, said: “Autonomous vehicles could reduce the number of insurance claims significantly – these vehicles will be able to avoid collisions and won’t make the errors that humans do. This is one of the most important issues we will talk about.”

Other topics will include the development of the legal framework for autonomous driving, and how autonomously driven cars will interact with other road users.

The London seminar will be the fourth in a series of events hosted by Volvo aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of self-driving cars, and the challenges in bringing them to production.

At an earlier seminar on this topic, in Washington DC, Håkan Samuelsson announced that Volvo Cars will accept full liability for the actions of its autonomous cars in autonomous driving mode. Events in Stockholm, Sweden and Beijing, China focused on the wider issues surrounding autonomous driving, and the importance of collaboration between governments, industry and research bodies to maximising the benefits of self-driving cars.

At the event Volvo Cars will announce details of the AD pilot in London, which will be the largest and most ambitious trial of autonomous cars in the UK when it begins in early 2017. The trial will mirror the Drive Me trial in Gothenburg, Sweden, and a similar test program in China. Eventually, the AD pilot in London will include up to 100 cars with autonomous driving capability being tested by real customers on real roads.