Media praises Volvo Cars’ approach to self-driving technology
12:00 PM | February 7 2017

Media praises Volvo Cars’ approach to self-driving technology

The innovative, human-centric approach to autonomous driving by Volvo Cars continued to make headlines days after the presentation of the first family that will take part in the “Drive Me” project at the Detroit International Auto Show.

As every January, the auto industry gathered in Detroit, US, for the North American International Auto Show, the first large motoring event in 2017. Volvo Cars made an impression across media outlets – by introducing the Hain family, from Gothenburg in Sweden, as the first people chosen to take part in a real-life autonomous drive research programme using real cars, in real traffic.

“We do things differently at Volvo Cars – we always have,” said CEO Håkan Samuelsson. "Our main focus has always been on people and making their lives easier. Technology should improve the consumer experience making mobility safer, sustainable and more convenient.”

His words resonated beyond Detroit, with media coverage across the globe highlighting the plans of Volvo to gain a deeper understanding of how drivers and passengers alike behave and interact while travelling in a car with self-driving capabilities – instead of focusing solely on technology for driverless cars.

As the influential technology site Engadget put it, the Hain family will help Volvo “understand how non-engineers deal with self-driving tech. How do they react when the car switches between manual and autonomous modes, and what do they do at those times when they aren't taking the wheel? (read more)

Other specialised tech media like Mashable wrote about the seamless integration of autonomous technology in the family’s daily commute: “Rather than rolling a fleet of AD cars out onto the streets of a city with contracted employees, Volvo is leading off by handing the keys of an autonomous XC90 over to the Hains, a family in Gothenburg” (read more).

Even the Newswheel site put Drive Me in the spotlight, capturing the unique way Volvo is facing the future of mobility: “While it’s great that many are creating the technology, Volvo believes that it’s important to see how people will use the self-driving vehicles.” (read more) .