Self-parking cars: improving urban mobility by saving time and space
9:00 AM | March 24 2017

Self-parking cars: improving urban mobility by saving time and space

Cities are growing – and available space for cars declines. Volvo Cars and its home city of Gothenburg are cooperating to implement space-saving and sustainable parking solutions.

The unique partnership behind Drive Me, the ambitious research project on autonomous driving, continues to bear fruit as it tackles the challenges of future urban mobility.

Over half a million people live already in Sweden’s second largest city. “We are welcoming 150,000 new inhabitants within a restricted area, making parking an issue of capacity and accessibility, as well as city space availability," says Stefan Eglinger, General Director, Urban Transport Administration, City of Gothenburg.

Volvo Cars is developing cars capable of parking in 10 to 15 percent less space than present-day vehicles. “This will make it possible to fit more cars into parking garages in the future," says Marcus Rothoff, Autonomous Driving Programme Director, Volvo Car Group, during the demonstration at the Lindholmen Science Park on 14 March 2017.

Furthermore Volvos equipped with self-driving capabilities will allow passengers to get off the car once a free spot is identified at the parking lot, leaving tasks like steering and reversing for the Volvo.

The project, as the rest of the Drive Me initiative, benefits from a wide public-private partnership – which includes the city’s parking company.