Traffic control cloud
2:30 PM | July 10 2017

Traffic control cloud makes self-driving cars safer and smoother

In the future, a trip in your self-driving Volvo can become safer and smoother thanks to information from a traffic control cloud that provides crucial data about the traffic situation; road works, accidents, weather conditions, etc.

Volvo Cars is one of the partners in a Swedish project that has developed and tested a cloud-based traffic management system for connected and autonomous vehicles. At the beginning of July, the first phase ended with a demo at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The AD Advice Traffic Control platform is funded by the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova and is part of Drive Sweden. In addition to Volvo Cars, the partnership also includes the companies Ericsson and Carmenta as well as the City of Gothenburg and the Swedish Road Traffic Administration.

The platform uses collective real-time traffic data, weather information and detailed data from local roads and their surroundings to create an overall view of the traffic situation.

Helicopter view of the road conditions
This view becomes a base for actions that can improve traffic control and increase road safety. Proactive traffic management will also help to prevent congestions and reduce the environmental impact in urban areas.

Volvo Cars’ contribution to the project – The Volvo Cloud – acts as an extra ‘sensor’ for our Autonomous Drive (AD) cars. It uses information from the traffic control cloud to assess when the conditions are right for giving a digital thumbs-up to activate the AD mode in your Volvo.

The project builds upon the Drive Me pilot in Gothenburg. The Drive Me research is a fundamental part of defining which real time information a cloud solution must contain to enable autonomous drive.