A Volvo XC40 fleet car driving over a bridge


Our shared vision for fleet cars

Everything we do starts with people. Naturally then, our global fleet relationships begin with a shared vision – to make fleet cars and business less complicated, while strengthening a commitment to safety, electrification and productivity.

Why Volvo?

Underpinning our vision are three bold strategies brought to life by three pillars of innovation that bring real benefits for your fleet today and tomorrow.

Volvo S90 Plug-In Hybrid for your fleet
A bright electric future

“From 2019, every new Volvo car launched will be hybrid or fully electric.”
– Håkan Samuelsson, Chief Executive

Volvo XC40 with pedestrian detection for a safer fleet
A safer past, a safer future

With 50% reduced risk of injury in the last ten years – is a strong safety record something you look for in a fleet partner?

Volvo XC40 connectivity improves driver productivity
The mobile office

Inspire your drivers’ productivity with connected workspaces.


Decades of global satisfaction

Our long-standing experience in serving international fleets enables you to add Volvo cars to your company fleet, efficiently and economically.

Volvo business fleet line-up
International fleet agreement customer service

Implementation and assistance

Key to your satisfaction are our Implementation Process, business centre and your dedicated International Account Manager – for a single source of cross-border support.

Our International Framework Agreement makes it easy to add Volvo cars to your fleet, in most countries in every continent, and maximise your total purchasing power.

Delivery and servicing

Fleet car sales is a customer-driven process – from specification to service. Our global strategy, Volvo Personal Service, provides drivers with a personal technician throughout ownership.

Volvo personal service improves customer experience


Meet our models

Every Volvo car is designed with international business in mind – each fleet vehicle offering competitive CO2 figures and comparable local taxes, and from 2019, all new Volvo cars launched will be hybrid or
fully electric.

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Volvo XC range for every business journey

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