Reduced cost, added value

Your company can benefit from our ongoing safety, electrification and connectivity developments. Explore the innovations that are helping you to realize your fleet ambitions.

Next-generation safety

Volvo Cars is a leader in automotive safety – has always been, will always be. Your duty of care is reflected in our human-centric approach and we are constantly on top of the development to provide a safer working environment for your fleet drivers.

Our safety track record

50% reduced injury risk

Over ten years, we halved the risk for Volvo drivers and passengers of being seriously injured in an accident.

385 fewer rear collisions

According to a report from Euro NCAP.

60% safer than others

Significantly safer than our competitors, Volvo ranked as the safest car brand in Folksam study.

28% crash reduction

Noted in a study by Tristar Worldwide.

Think responsibly


“Omtanke”, our global sustainability programme, has our electrification strategy as its centrepiece. This, alongside our award-winning environmental credentials, makes for a better business fleet and a better world.

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Connectivity and Productivity

Business on the move

Time-saving workspace

Yes, that’s our bold vision – to reduce unproductive time inside and outside the car by a whole week per year, by 2025. Using innovative connectivity features, driver assistance technology and world-first mobility services, Volvo helps your company improving employee productivity and adding tremendous value to your entire business.

Sensus connectivity for business

Enable more meaningful business interactions for your fleet, safely. Sensus intuitive in-car connectivity helps drivers to be more productive while staying focused on the road ahead. Use Touch Screen and voice commands to intuitively control smartphones, create Wi-Fi hotspots and more. Volvo On Call even allows drivers to turn on their climate control from their phone and fleet managers to track and manage their cars remotely.

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