The future of driving

Exploring a future with fully autonomous vehicles.

The first generation

Autonomous vehicles will revolutionise travel, reshape cities and transform our daily lives. What better way to envision the future than to ask those who will be amongst the first to travel in the fully autonomous electric vehicles of tomorrow – the children of today.

We visited 6th graders at the International School in Gothenburg to explore the ideas, visions and expectations of the first generation.

First class – future cities

Class 6F explore how cities might evolve around autonomous vehicles and try to imagine some of the new opportunities that could arise.

Second class – safer future

Class 6E share their feelings around trust for autonomous vehicles and discuss the impact new technology could have on road safety.

Third class – better use of time

Class 6D envision the fully autonomous vehicles of the future and explore the ways they could spend their time differently during journeys.

We listen and learn

Some children may never need to learn how to drive, but how do drivers feel about an autonomous future? In 2015, we asked people to share their opinions.

92 per cent believed that it should be possible to take control at any moment.
81 per cent agreed that manufacturers must take responsibility if an accident occurs.
90 per cent felt that autonomous cars should be able to pass a human driving test.
78 per cent believed that autonomous cars would make travel time more useful.

360c – Our vision of mobility

Our fully electric autonomous vehicle concept has been designed to explore the possibilities for mobility in the future. A safe, sustainable, yet personal and comfortable travel experience.

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