Side view of the new Volvo V60 parked beside a stone wall

Volvo V60. Designed for life.

Designed for life.
V60 Recharge

Recharge is our new line of plug-in hybrid cars. Designed for a better way to move through the world with low to zero tailpipe emissions.


When charging is not an option, explore our range of other powertrains. Choose a mild hybrid to take advantage of lower fuel consumption and a smooth drive.

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Features depicted may not be standard or available for all styles and engine options.

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Distant view a Volvo driving on an empty bridge
Take charge

An electric motor and petrol engine work in harmony for the dynamic plug-in hybrid estate wagon, for less tailpipe emissions, more traction and greater power to you.

Top view of a Volvo V60 reversing in the city
Make your move

The blind spot information system (BLIS™) with Steer Assist can ease tension in busy traffic with alerts and active support, guiding you and your loved ones back on track.

A Volvo V60 driving on a country road by the sea
A helping hand

Driver assist with curve speed adaption tweaks your cruising speed automatically for greater comfort and accuracy in virtually any traffic condition.

Interior view of the seats in a Volvo
Enjoy the room

You don’t need to leave your V60 to relax and stretch your legs. With supportive seats and a spacious cabin, the room’s all yours.

Woman walking towards a Volvo with it's tailgate open
Open up

When your hands are full, the hands-free tailgate opens and closes on its own, simply by moving your foot under the rear bumper.

Aerial view of a Volvo driving on a forest road with big trees
Achieve balance

Whether in rain, sleet or snow, the advanced all-wheel drive feature stabilises virtually all roads by sending power where it’s needed most.

Image of the centre display showing active chassis settings in the new Volvo V60
Drive your way

The active chassis with Comfort, Eco and Dynamic drive modes instantly adapts to your drive. Choose the mode that fits your needs – or personalise one of your own.

Centre display of the Volvo V60 showing 360° camera view
Secure your spot

Four high-definition cameras give you a 360° bird’s eye parking view, so you can breeze in and out of any confined space with confidence.

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Explore our V60 with our interactive 360° view.

Volvo V60 inside view 360
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Choose a style for your V60 Recharge

Recharge is our new line of plug-in hybrid cars.

The Volvo V60 Recharge R-Design (plug-in hybrid) trim
V60 Recharge R-Design (plug-in hybrid)

Dynamic design

The Volvo V60 Recharge Inscription (plug-in hybrid) trim
V60 Recharge Inscription (plug-in hybrid)

Refined elegance

The Volvo V60 Polestar
V60 Polestar Engineered (plug-in hybrid)

Advanced performance

Choose a style for your V60

When charging is not an option, explore our other powertrain options.

The Volvo V60 Momentum
V60 Momentum

Signature comfort

The Volvo V60 R-Design
V60 R-Design

Dynamic design

The Volvo V60 Inscription
V60 Inscription

Refined elegance