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Booking process

1. Our travel agency will contact the customer to arrange the customers trip.

2. Once the travel has been arranged the customer will be prompted to supply information related to the customers visit to us.

3. Once the information has been supplied you will receive a confirmation email.

Open days

Factory Delivery Experience is open Monday – Friday.

Our Factory Tour is not available during summertime (11/7-16/8) but the factory delivery experience will be available for visitors

Please bear in mind we never guarantee factory tours on any dates, on some rare occasions we get information on it being cancelled the very same day. If there for some reason is no factory tour, you will instead visit the Brand Experience Center or the Volvo Museum.

Tour language

All guided tours are held in English 

Package information - whats included

In your package one night in a hotel is included, as well as pickup from the airport/hotel.

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