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Please fill in the web form and give us all relevant details to initiate a request to Volvo Cars regarding one of your rights. To ensure secure identification, please note that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is required for Car Data, respectively Volvo ID for Digital Services Data. Failing to submit relevant data can lead to a delay in Volvo Cars ability to handle the request.

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By submitting a request for access you will get access to, and details of, the personal data being processed by Volvo Cars. You may also login to MyVolvo to view some of the personal data relating to you.
By opting out from direct marketing, Volvo Cars will not use your personal data for direct marketing. To opt-out from direct marketing from dealers, we refer you to contact them directly as our dealers are independent businesses
By requesting your personal data in a portable format you will receive the personal data processed with the legal basis consent or performance of a contract in a machine readable format
If your personal data is incomplete or inaccurate you can request for correction of your personal data. Kindly specify what personal data that should be corrected/completed in the description field. Note that the MyVolvo webpage allows you to edit your personal data
If you are not satisfied with Volvo Cars’ processing of your personal data, you are welcome to file a complaint with Volvo Cars Data Protection Organisation and the Data Protection Officer
On grounds relating to your particular situation you have the right to object to Volvo Cars’ processing of your personal data processed with the legal basis of legitimate interest or if it concerns direct marketing. Kindly describe the reason for your objection in the description field.
By withdrawing your consent, Volvo Cars will remove your consent from the activity you specify in the description field.
By exercising your right to be forgotten, Volvo Cars will when applicable delete your personal data.

The data submitted will be used to perform your request as well as used for identifying you, see our information notice for further information.