Realistic Testing Conditions: An Overview

The new testing procedure will benefit consumers - as lab measurements will reflect more faithfully the fuel economy performance of your car on the road.

Start temperature* Cold Cold
Cycle time 30 min. 20 min.
Stationary time proportion 13 % 25 %
Cycle length 23.25 km 11 km
Speed Average: 46.5 km/h – Maximum: 131 km/h Average: 34 km/h – Maximum: 120 km/h
Drive power Average: 7.5 kW – Maximum: 47 kW Average: 4 kW – Maximum: 34 kW
* The test temperature in the laboratory is lowered from a range of 20°C to 30°C to a set point of 23°C, and a temperature correction (to be developed) for the representative regional ambient temperature will be applied.