Service by Volvo

Simpler for people

When it comes to service, we are working to make sure that no matter what your car needs you’ll find it at your authorised Volvo workshop.

Your Volvo workshop is where your car is guaranteed to get the best possible treatment, by Volvo-trained experts using Volvo Genuine Parts, which is certainly the best recipe for trouble-free driving over time.

Maintenance service with added benefits

We have also added a number of extras that are always included when you bring your Volvo in for regular maintenance service. We update your car’s software to the latest version, which means that your Volvo actually can become a little bit better at every service. We extend your Volvo Assistance for another 12 months, so that you’ll be assured to get quick help around the clock should anything happen. We perform a complimentary health check on your car, diagnosing the safety systems as well as the battery. You’ll also get a personal service contact, who will help you with alternative transportation if you need it while your car is being serviced. Lastly, we will wash your car for you. All this has been offered by Volvo workshops in all countries around the world for several years, with some local variations in the exact nature of the added benefits.
So there you have the basics of our workshop offer. We want your Volvo workshop to provide everything you may need, and in the simplest way possible; and we call this approach Service by Volvo. Picking up on the “simplest way possible” bit, one might argue that the best thing would ultimately be if your car were serviced or repaired without you ever having to lift a finger. That we’d keep track of when it needs attention and just fix it without bothering you, for example, “borrowing” your car for a few hours while you’re at work so that you can drive home in a newly-serviced, spotlessly clean and perhaps fully-tanked car.

Well, we’re not quite there yet; but we’re working on it. In the meantime, we are looking at other ways of taking our Service by Volvo approach to new levels, in ways that entail reimagining the entire service experience. Today, Volvo Cars is first in the automotive world to radically change the way work is done in car workshops. And true to our philosophy, this is all about what can happen as we focus on designing everything around what really matters: people.

First, we asked people what they want

Over several years, we performed surveys among Volvo drivers visiting our workshops. And after analysing 1,600,000 customers’ feedback, we know that three things are the most important to them: Their time. That all their problems are solved completely. And that they have a good relationship to their workshop, that they can trust it.

So we sat down and thought about how we could optimise all these three aspects. And the solution we found was also based on three factors: we should be starting to work in teams, as in a racing pit-stop, to get the cars ready faster. We should start using the so-called lean methods – often used in modern manufacturing – to work smarter and ensure that everything is always fixed right the first time. And we should start with Personal Service Technicians, so our customers will always talk to the one who is doing the job on the car.

Then we started changing

Doing all of this is no small thing. Car workshops have been organised in pretty much the same way ever since the car was invented, with every technician working on their own on each car. We also decided to turn our workshops into more light, modern and open workplaces, with adjacent comfortable living-room-style lounges from which customers could see the job being done through a glassed opening.

Wherever this new setup has become reality, the results are clear. Most people are happy to wait for their car now that the job is ready in half the time, enjoying some relaxing time with a coffee and magazine in the lounge instead of driving back and forth to the workshop. Talking to a Personal Service Technician is also much appreciated since it makes things easier and reduces the risk of misunderstandings. After the change, the customers’ positive opinions of their workshop are skyrocketing in surveys.

It is about people all the way

At Volvo Cars, we also believe that outstanding service can only be provided by people who feel good about what they do. So we are not only upgrading the workplace, but also the job role of the technician, who now has much more responsibility. Volvo Personal Service Technicians are not only highly skilled in terms of modern car technology and the advanced electronics of today’s cars, they are also professionally managing their planning and work processes as well as taking care of their customers. It is a very qualified job, different from the traditional role of the car mechanic, and we are very proud of our very competent and dedicated Volvo technicians.

Also, as the technicians work together instead of on their own, they can balance the work within the team and continuously learn from each other. This results in happier staff that are constantly getting better at what they do and take pride in their work. Which in turn increases the overall quality and efficiency. All this also means that Volvo workshops are seen as extra attractive workplaces, making it easier for us to recruit the best technicians. It’s a positive spiral and an essential part of what will enable us to make Service by Volvo into something that no other carmaker’s workshops can offer.

It’s the Volvo way

It will take some years until all Volvo workshops are working in this new way. But the focus on people – both the people who are our customers and the people who work at Volvo dealerships – is already in place. Putting people first, anticipating people’s needs and meeting them – that’s what Volvo has always been about, both when it comes to cars and service. So already today, and even more so in the future, you can expect to enjoy a service experience that’s personal, efficient, and which takes care of you as well as your car. In short: Service by Volvo.

A new approach to service

Service by Volvo