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Our experts make sure your Volvo stays as safe as when it left the factory

Your Volvo is safe in our hands

At Volvo workshops, we repair your car to factory standard. We also replace any damaged parts with Volvo Genuine Parts, which are designed to work in harmony with your car’s on-board safety systems.

Repaired in the right way

To ensure the safety systems in your Volvo function as they should, all repairs must be carried out using the right parts combined with the right tools and working methods – from properly calibrating sensors, to tracing faults using Volvo Cars’ state-of-the-art workshop information system. This combination of expertise, equipment and Volvo Genuine Parts is the best way to ensure your Volvo continues protecting you and your passengers.

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Repair or replace your windscreen?

Many of the on-board safety systems in your Volvo depend on having the right windscreen in the right condition. Minor damage can often be repaired, but more serious damage requires replacement. At Volvo workshops, we always replace your windscreen with a Volvo Genuine windscreen and use the correct methods to ensure your car’s safety systems are not compromised in any way.

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Want to get rid of your dents?

Whether it’s on your bumper, bonnet or another body panel, dents are unattractive and decrease the value of your car. Using special tools and techniques, our trained professionals can remove most dents without a trace – quickly and at low cost. No sanding, filling or repainting.

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