Why choose a Volvo Service Agreement?

One payment covers service costs for up to five years

Planning ahead brings peace of mind

A Volvo Service Agreement not only covers your service costs for up to five years, it also provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing your car will always be taken care of by Volvo-trained technicians. One payment and you’re covered.

A smart, simple solution

A Volvo Service Agreement covers 3 or 5 scheduled services, carried out every 12 months or at 30,000 km intervals, whichever occurs first. Services include free software updates, extended Volvo Assistance, a personal service contact plus a complimentary health check and car wash at every service.

An easy way to keep the value of your car

Volvo Service Agreements are valid at all authorised Volvo workshops. You can pay monthly and include the cost in your finance plan. The service agreement is also transferable to the next owner, so it can actually help increase the resale value of your Volvo.

Contact your dealer for more details