Kitted out

With a Volvo Car, it's easy enough to find room for your belongings. The cars are equipped with generous amounts of space. And additional accessories - like protective, fold-out double-sided mats - can make loading and transporting items easy and safe.

Canoe kick it

Kayaks can be transported safely with a secure, easy to load space-saving cradle that attaches to the car's roof. Up to two boats can be loaded at once, and a canoe and kayak rack is also available.

Two wheels good

For bikes, a frame-mounted holder is a perfect option. Made from light, sturdy aluminium, it’s a solid way to keep your bike upright and in place on the roof. And it's easy to load and unload: letting you hit the trails directly.

What a drag

Really heavy loads might also call for the addition of a trailer. If you plan to spend time by the beach but aren't in the mood to sleep under canvas, there are few better ways to experience the beauty of your surroundings than from a caravan. And if that's the case, you're going to need a tow bar.