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Emergency puncture repair

Emergency puncture repair kit - overview

업데이트됨 7/23/2018

Overview of the component parts of the emergency puncture repair kit, Temporary Mobility Kit (TMK).

The parts are stored under the floor in the cargo area.

Label, maximum permitted speed
Electrical cable
Bottle holder (orange cap)
Protective cap
Pressure reducing valve
Air hose
Sealing fluid bottle
Pressure gauge

Sealing fluid bottle

Replace the bottle with sealing fluid before the expiration date has passed and after use. Treat the old bottle as environmentally hazardous waste.


The bottle contains 1.2-Ethanol and natural rubber-latex.

Harmful if ingested. Could result in allergic reaction in the event of skin contact.

Avoid contact with the skin and eyes.

Store out of the reach of children.


  • In the event of skin contact with the sealing fluid, it must be washed off immediately with soap and plenty of water.
  • If sealing fluid gets into an eye then it must be immediately rinsed out with large quantities of water. If the discomfort persists then the eye should be examined by a doctor.

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