Searching TV* channels/Preset list

업데이트됨 7/23/2018

After a search of TV channels the available channels are saved in a preset list.

Press TV mode on OK/MENU.

Turn TUNE to TV menu and press OK/MENU.

Turn TUNE to Select country and press OK/MENU.

If one or more countries have previously been selected then they are shown in a list.

Turn TUNE to either Other countries or one of the previously selected countries. Press OK/MENU.

A list of all available countries is shown.

Turn TUNE to the desired country (e.g. Sweden) and press OK/MENU.

An automatic scan for available TV channels starts, this scan takes a little while. During this time the figure for each channel found and added as a preset is shown. When the scan is complete a message is shown and the picture is shown. A preset list (max. 30 presets) has now been created and is available. To change channel, see Changing channel.

The scan and preset storage can be cancelled with EXIT.

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