Voice recognition control of a mobile phone

Voice recognition - mobile phone

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Voice control a Bluetooth®-connected mobile phone to e.g. call a contact or dial a number.

The following dialogues are only examples; the system's response may vary depending on the situation.

Dial a number

The system understands the numbers 0 (zero) to 9 (nine). These numbers can be pronounced individually, in groups of several numbers at a time, or the whole number all at once. Numbers greater than 9 (nine) cannot be handled by the system, e.g. 10 (ten) or 11 (eleven) are not possible.


The following dialogue with voice commands dials a number.

The user starts the dialogue by saying: "Dial number".

The system responds with: "Say the number".

Start saying the numbers (as individual units, i.e. "Six-eight-seven" etc.) in the phone number.

At the pause, the system will repeat the last spoken group of numbers.

Continue to say the numbers. When the whole number has been spoken, end by saying: "OK".

The system dials the number.

The number can be changed the number by saying "Correction" (which deletes the last spoken group of numbers) or "Erase" (which deletes the whole spoken phone number). By saying "Repeat" the system will read out the whole spoken number.

Call a contact


The following dialogue with voice commands calls a contact in the phone book.

The user starts the dialogue by saying: "Call contact".

The system responds with: "Say the name".

Say the name of the contact.

If only one contact is found then the system calls the contact, otherwise the system continues to give instructions for finding the right contact.

If a contact has multiple numbers entered in the phone book then it is possible to say, for example, "Mobile" or "Work" after the name in order to help the system.

More commands

More commands for voice recognition control of the mobile phone can be found in the menu system MY CAR under SettingsVoice control settingsCommand listPhone commands. For a description of the menu system, see MY CAR.

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