Engine and passenger compartment heater

Fuel-driven heater

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The car is equipped with electrically-driven and fuel-driven heater.

In colder weather, the car's fuel-driven heater can be activated during warming-up. The heater starts automatically when extra heat is required and is switched off automatically when not required.


When the fuel-driven auxiliary heater is active, exhaust fumes may be given off from the right-hand wheel housing, which is perfectly normal.

If you do not want the car's fuel-driven heater to start during preconditioning, activate Indoor parking, see Preconditioning - parking inside. However, this may prolong the warming-up time.

The fuel-driven heater cannot be started during driving or preconditioning if the outside temperature exceeds 15 °C. At -5 °C or lower the maximum running time of the heater is 50 minutes during preconditioning.

If the fuel level in the tank is too low then the fuel-driven heater is prevented from starting, with inadequate heating as a result.


Make sure that there is sufficient fuel in the car's regular fuel tank when driving at temperatures below +15 °C.


Do not use the fuel-driven auxiliary heater indoors in unventilated areas. Exhaust fumes are given off.


Warning label on fuel filler flap.

Warning label on fuel filler flap.


Fuel which spills out could be ignited. Switch off the fuel-driven auxiliary heater before starting to refuel.

Check in the combined instrument panel that the heater is switched off. The heat symbol is shown when it is operating.

Parking on a hill

If the car is parked on a steep hill, the front of the car should point downhill to ensure that there is a supply of fuel to the fuel-driven heater.

Starter battery and fuel

If the starter battery has insufficient charge or if the fuel level is too low, the heater will be switched off automatically and a message is shown in the combined instrument panel. Acknowledge the message by pressing the indicator stalkOK button once.

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