Filling up with fuel

업데이트됨 7/23/2018

Important things to consider when refuelling.

Opening/closing the fuel cap

The fuel filler cap can be attached onto the flap.

The fuel filler cap can be attached onto the flap.

A certain overpressure may arise in the tank in the event of high outside temperatures. Open the cap slowly.

  • After refuelling - refit the cap and turn it until one or more clicking sounds are heard.


If the fuel cap is not properly closed or if the engine is running during refuelling then the symbol for a fault in the exhaust system is illuminated. However, this does not affect the performance of the car.

Filling up with fuel

  • Do not overfill the tank but fill until the pump nozzle cuts out.


Excess fuel in the tank can overflow in hot weather.

Filling with a fuel can

Only applies to cars with diesel engine.

When filling with a fuel can, use the funnel located under the floor hatch in the cargo area.

Make sure you insert the funnel's pipe firmly into the filler pipe. The filler pipe has an openable cover and the funnel's pipe must be slid past the cover before filling can begin.

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