Quick Guide

Buttons and information on the map

업데이트됨 7/23/2018

The screen shows various symbols and colours for different routes, route options and reference points around the car as well as along the route.

P5-1617-Navi Cover inside
Text and symbols on the map
The car's current position
Map scale
List with the itinerary's guidance points
Destination and time of arrival/remaining time to arrival, or current position and distance to destination
List of the itinerary's points of interest (Point of Interest - POI) and traffic information
Destination/final destination
Intermediate destination
Guidance point
Car on planned route
Traffic information
Minimises (expanded view) or maximises the map image (full screen)
Calculate detour
Repeat the current voice guidance
Voice guidance temporarily On/Off
Cancels guidance
Specifying destinations/intermediate destinations
Point of interest (Point of Interest - POI) (restaurant)
Reset the map to follow the car
Changes map display between 2D and 3D
Compass + Changes between north and travel direction up
Itinerary and Alternative route

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