Driver Alert System

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Lane Departure Warning (LDW)*

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The purpose of Lane Departure Warning (Lane Departure Warning) is to help the driver to reduce the risk of the vehicle accidentally leaving its own lane in certain situations on motorways and similar major routes.

Principle for LDW

(The figure is schematic - not model specific.)

(The figure is schematic - not model specific.)

A camera reads the side lines of the road/lane.

If the car crosses one of the side lines the driver is alerted with an acoustic signal.


The driver is only warned once each time the wheels cross a line. So there is no acoustic alarm when there is a line between the car's wheels.


Lane assistance is merely a driver aid and does not engage in all driving situations or traffic, weather or road conditions.

The driver always bears ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the vehicle is driven safely and that applicable laws and road traffic regulations are followed.

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Driver Alert System*

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The Driver Alert System is intended to assist drivers whose driving ability is deteriorating or who are inadvertently leaving the lane they are driving on.

Driver Alert Control (DAC)*

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The DAC function is intended to attract the driver's attention when he/she starts to drive less consistently, e.g. if he/she becomes distracted or starts to fall asleep.

Driver Alert Control (DAC)* - operation

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Settings are made from the centre console display screen and its menu system.

Driver Alert Control (DAC)* - symbols and messages

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DAC can show symbols and text messages on the combined instrument panel or in the centre console's display screen in different situations.