Settings and driver profiles

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Changing settings for apps

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All of the car's apps are listed in the app view. The app settings that relate to the car's embedded functions can be changed from the centre display's top view.

Changing system settings in the settings view

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The System category in the settings view collects general settings and information for car systems, such as language and units.

Selecting driver profile

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The last used driver profile is the one selected when the car is unlocked. It is possible to change to another driver profile after the car has been unlocked.

Driver profiles

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Many of the settings made in the car can be adapted according to the driver's personal preferences and can be saved in one or more driver profiles.

Linking remote control key to driver profile

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It is possible to link your key to a driver profile. The driver profile along with all of its settings will then be automatically selected every time the car is used with that specific remote control key.

Categories in the settings view

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The settings view has a number of main categories and subcategories where settings and information for many of the car's functions are collected.

Settings view

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Settings and information for many of the car's functions can be managed in the centre display's settings view.

Opening/closing and navigating in the settings view

P5-1546–I+C–Settings button in top pane

Top view with button for Settings.

Drag down the tab at the top of the centre display to open the top view.

Press Settings to open the settings view.

Press one of the categories shown and navigate to subcategories and Settings by pressing again.

Press Back to go back in the settings view.

Press Close to close the settings view.

Changing a setting

P5-1507–I+C–Settings pane with setting types

A subcategory in the settings view with different types of settings (here, a multi-selector button and radio buttons).

Press on categories and subcategories to navigate to the required setting.

Change one or more settings. Different types of settings are changed in different ways (see the table below for a description of each type).

The changes are saved immediately.

Types of settings

There are several different types of settings:

Setting type


Trigger function

Starts an app or separate view for more advanced settings through a press on the text, e.g. to connect a device with Bluetooth.

Radio button

Select a setting from several options by pressing the required radio button, e.g. to select a system language.

Multi-selector button

Select a level for something by pressing the required part of the button, e.g. to select a sensitivity level for City Safety.


Activate/deactivate a function by pressing on the box to select/deselect it, e.g. to select automatic start of seat heating.


Select a level for something within an interval by pressing and dragging the slider, e.g. to select volume level.

Display of information

No actual setting. Shows information about something, e.g. the car's identification number.

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Resetting user data for change of ownership

업데이트됨 7/23/2018

In the event of a change of ownership, user data and system settings should be restored to factory settings.

Importing/exporting a driver profile from/to USB

업데이트됨 7/23/2018

The personal settings saved in the driver profiles can be exported/imported to other cars via USB.

Resetting settings in the settings view

업데이트됨 7/23/2018

It is possible to reset all modified settings in the settings view to their default values at once.

Editing a driver profile

업데이트됨 7/23/2018

It is possible to change the name of the different driver profiles used in the car.