Updating apps

The apps can be updated when the car is connected to the Internet.


Data download may affect other services that transmit data, e.g. Internet radio. If the effect on other services is experienced as disruptive then the download can be interrupted. Alternatively, it may be appropriate to switch off or interrupt other services.


When downloading using a phone, pay extra attention to the data traffic costs.

If an app is being used during an ongoing update, it will be restarted in order for the installation to be completed.

Update all

Open the Download Centre app in the app view.

P5-1617-Icon-App screen-Over the air
Select Install all.
Updating is started.

Update some

Open the Download Centre app in the app view.
Select Application updates in order to open a list of all available updates.
Locate the desired app and select Install.
Updating is started.

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