Specify destination with free text searching

A destination can be set in different ways in the navigation system* - with free text searching, for example, a search can be made using phone numbers, postcodes, streets, cities, coordinates and points of interest (POI1).

The keyboard in the centre display can be used to type most characters and to search for destinations.

When the map is shown, expand the tools field using the down arrow on the left-hand side and press Set dest.

P5-1717-Navigation, set destination symbol
The map image changes to free text searching.
Enter a search term in the search box or first limit the hits by selecting a filter.
Search hits are shown while characters are being entered.

If the search gives the desired result – tap on a search hit to show its information card and select to continue to use the search hit.

If the search gives too many results – tap on Advanced filter and select position to search around, and then select to continue to use the search hit:

  • Around car.
  • Around destination - only shown if a destination is entered.
  • Along route - only shown if a destination is entered.
  • Around point on map.


A destination can also be specified with map coordinates.

  • Type, for example, “N 58.1234 E 12.5678” and tap Search.
The points of the compass N, E, S and W can be entered in different ways, e.g. in accordance with the following:
N 58,1234   E 12,5678 (with spaces)
N58,1234   E12,5678 (without spaces)
58,1234N   12,5678E (with the point of the compass after the coordinate)
58,1234-12,5678 (with hyphen without point of the compass)

You can use a comma [] instead of a full stop [.] if you prefer.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Point of Interest