Massage settings* in the front seat

Both the multi-function control on the side of the seat and the centre display can be used in order to change the settings. The range of settings is shown in the centre display.
P5-1507-Multifunction front seat
Multi-function control, located on the side of the seat's seating section.

Settings for massage

The following setting options are available for massage:

  • On/Off: Select On/Off in order to switch on/off the massage function.
  • Programs 1-5: There are 5 preset massage programs. Select between Swell, Tread, Advanced, Lumbar and Shoulder.
  • Intensity: Select between Low, Normal and High.
  • Speed: Select between Slow, Normal and Fast.

Restarting massage

The massage function is deactivated automatically after 20 minutes. Reactivation of the function is performed manually.

Tap on Restart, which is shown in the centre display, to restart the selected massage program.
The massage program restarts. If no action is taken, the message remains shown in the top view.
  1. * Option/accessory.