Gracenote identifies artist, album, song titles and associated images, which are shown during playback.

Gracenote MusicID® is a standard for music recognition. Information on the music can be presented by means of the identification and analysis of the metadata in the music files. Sometimes metadata from different sources can be inconsistent or inadequate.

Gracenote has support for phonetic processing of artist name, album titles and genres, and in this way, voice control can be used to play back music.

Press Settings in the top view.
Press MediaGracenote®.
Select settings for Gracenote data:
  • Gracenote® Online Search - searches in Gracenote's online database for playing media.
  • Gracenote® Multiple Results - selects how to display Gracenote data if there are more than one search results.
1 - the file's original data are used.
2 - Gracenote data are used.
3 - Gracenote or original data can be selected.
  • None - no results are shown.

Updating Gracenote

The content of the Gracenote database is updated continuously. Download the latest update to take advantage of improvements.