Warning for speed limitation and speed camera from road sign information*

Road sign information (RSI1) includes subfunctions that can warn the driver if a speed limit has been exceeded or in connection with speed cameras.
P5-XC90H-1519-Road Sign Information, speed camera information in driver display
Examples of information on speed camera and speed limit in the driver display.

Speed Limit Warning

P5-1519-Road Sign Information, 90 km/h symbol

The speed warning is given by the driver display symbol2 showing the applicable maximum permitted speed temporarily flashing when this speed is exceeded.

A speed warning is always given if the speed limit is exceeded in connection with speed camera information.

Speed Limit Warning warns the driver when the applicable speed limit or a preselected "top speed" is exceeded – this warning is repeated once after approx. 1 minute within the same speed limit area unless the driver reduces the speed.

A new warning for exceeding the speed limit, including a reminder, will be given only when the car reaches a new/different speed limit area.


To get an acoustic warning if you exceed the required speed, the Speed Limit Warning function must be activated and the Road Sign Audio Warning subfunction must be set to On. An acoustic warning is then given if the car's speed exceeds the speed indicated by the Road Sign Information function in the driver display.

Warning for speed camera

P5-1519-Road Sign information, speed camera warning

A car equipped with road sign information and Sensus Navigation can provide information on an upcoming speed camera in the driver display.3

If the car exceeds a detected speed limit with the Speed Limit Warning function activated, a speed warning is given when the car approaches a speed camera, provided that the navigation map for the area in question contains information on speed cameras.


An option is available to receive an acoustic warning for speed cameras independently of the car's speed and exceeded speed limit, and even if the Road Sign Audio Warning function is deactivated.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Road Sign Information
  3. 2 Road signs are customised for each market – the one shown here is just an example.
  4. 3 Information on speed cameras on the navigation map is not available for all markets/areas.