Message in centre display

The centre display can show messages to inform or assist the driver in the event of different events.
P5-1717-HMI refresh-Message in center display
Example of a message in the centre display's top view.

The centre display shows messages that are of lower priority for the driver.

Most messages are shown above the centre display's status bar. After a while, or when any required action related to the message has been taken, the message disappears from the status bar. If a message needs to be saved, it is positioned in the top view in the centre display.

Message composition may vary and they can be shown together with graphics, symbols or a button for activating/deactivating a function linked to the message.

Pop-up messages

In some cases, a message is shown in the form of a pop-up window. Pop-up messages have higher priority than messages shown in the status bar and require acknowledgement/action before they disappear.