Activating or deactivating the automatic speed limiter

The automatic speed limiter function (ASL1) can be activated and deactivated as a supplement to the speed limiter (SL2).

Activating the automatic speed limiter

P5-S90-1646-Automativ Speed Limiter button symbol

Activate or deactivate the function using this button in the centre display's function view.

GREEN button indication – the function is activated and the driver display shows a sign symbol in the centre of the speedometer.
Press the steering wheel button P5-1507-Cruise Control, speed limiter, activates speed limiter and stores current speed symbol 5x3,5.
ASL is activated with the car’s current speed.


  • If the automatic speed limiter function is activated, Road Sign Information* is shown in the driver display even if RSI3 is not activated.
  • To remove road sign information from the driver display, you must deactivate both automatic speed limiter and RSI.
  • When the Automatic Speed Limiter function is activated but RSI is deactivated, no warnings are given from RSI. RSI must also be activated in order to receive warnings.

Deactivating the automatic speed limiter

To deactivate the automatic speed limiter:
Tap on the button in the function view.
GREY button indication – ASL is switched off and SL is activated instead.


After switching from ASL to SL the car will no longer follow the signed speed limit but only the stored maximum speed.
  1. 1 Automatic Speed Limiter
  2. 2 Speed Limiter
  3. * Option/accessory.
  4. 3 Road Sign Information – RSI